Why you should hire me

I freelance across a variety of industries, bringing a mix of technical understanding, design thinking and creativity to these fields. Below is a summary of the kinds of projects I work on.

Data Visualisation

I take complex data sets and turn them into images and interactives that are beautiful and understandable.

With this you can:
Find new insights and patterns in data
Communicate complex ideas to others
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Interactive Art

I find novel ways for people to interact with technology and each other, and use that to design and develop deeply engaging artworks.

With this you can:
Run novel events that build communities
Showcase your passion in spectacular fashion
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I design games that educate, and use the lessons from game design to improve motivation and education.

With this you can:
Teach concepts quickly and effectively
Improve motivation and retention
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Why you should follow me

I try to be thoughtful about what I post to social media: it's important to me that I'm providing value to those who follow me.

As such, I tend to post short thoughts about design, culture and the places I visit. You can see my instagram feed below.

Why is this website like this?

One thing I’ve been fascinated with for a long time is how we present information to those around us. Right now, our best approaches to presenting information tend to be didactic: we tell people facts and expect them to accept those facts.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to find ways to create informational interfaces that are driven by conversation and inquiry instead. If people see something they don’t understand or are curious about, our interfaces should encourage them to ask those questions.

If I’m going to build myself a website, I might as well try out some of these concepts. So this website is a very very early attempt at a question-driven interface. I figure if I can find a cool way to explain myself, I might be able to apply those same approaches to other concepts.

Also, once I realised that ‘.wtf’ domains were available, there really wasn’t any other choice.