Who I am

Photo of Paul Sztajer

I’m Paul Sztajer, a Software Engineer and Creative Technologist. My favourite thing to do is to develop works that illuminate complex systems and ideas, particularly in the realm of science.

I studied Physics and Software Engineering at University and then dived into the world of games and education. Along the way, I started a game studio, worked on science and maths games used in schools, designed interactive theatre, and been the head of technology of a VR company.

I was born and raised in Australia, but recently realised that the rest of the world was a place I need to discover. I’ve since lived as a digital nomad, which has been just about as ridiculous as you’d expect.

Who I've worked for

Equal Reality
October 2018-Present
Head of Technology
Unity, C#, git
Equal Reality is a social enterprise which creates diversity and inclusion training in virtual reality, allowing its users to live the experiences of minorities and experience bias firsthand. While at Equal Reality, I've implemented software engineering practices across the company's projects, bringing the company's project and creator's suite into git and implementing unit testing and continuous integration. This has allowed the company to build apps far more reliably and sustainably, with a shared codebase across multiple Unity applications. I've also developed tools that improve the app development workflow and designed and developed features for the apps themselves, including a comprehensive suite of accessibility features for Virtual Reality.
July 2018-September 2018
Game Designer, Developer
React, phonegap, firebase
Dot is a startup that's using cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens to make ownership of digital assets more real. They contracted me to prototype a location-based game for the launch of their platform. The game I prototyped mapped the stars in the night sky and their relative position to our solar system to GPS co-ordinates, and had players search their local universe for alien artefacts. The goal was to give players an innate understanding of the geography of our stellar neighbourhood. The contract culminated in several playtests of the game prototype in San Francisco. Both the players and the client delighted in travelling their city and the universe at the same time.
3P Learning
February 2015-May 2018
Designer, Product Owner, Developer
3P Learning is an Australian education technology company which develops games and interactive media to teach school students across all age groups. During my time there, I've worked on IntoScience and Mathletics as a designer, developer, product owner and product manager. While at 3P, the IntoScience team became known in the organisation for our cohesiveness and our ability to combine technology and creativity with great design and development practices. This lead to me leading a team to review and improve the UX processes of the entire organisation, and the creation of the Creative Content Team - a design strike force that focused on creating and prototyping highly effective educational content. As a part of the Creative Content Team, I designed and developed Numbeanies (more detail on that below).
SeeThrough Studios
March 2012-Present
Founder, Producer, Developer, Designer
SeeThrough Studios is an independent game development studio that I co-founded. Projects include Flatland: Fallen Angle, Unstoppabot and Particulars.