Gotta Get Outta This Space

A print, play and post game that has you and your friends travelling the stars to escape a robot apocalypse.

Hybrid digital/physical board game
React, ionic
June 2020
Designer, Developer
Developed With
Alistair Magee

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Gotta Get Outta This Space is a co-operative board game, which has you saving yourself from a robot apocalypse, before sending the game to your friends to do the same.

The game is a ‘print, play and post’ game - meaning that you can print all the components you need yourself, or buy a copy if you like.

The game started as a Ludum Dare game that I was making as a part of Ludum Dare 46 (theme: “Keep It Alive”).

The Coronavirus crisis had just begun, and with so many people locked in their homes, I was interested in new ways that we could connect that didn’t involve being in the same physical space. This spawned the “print, play and post” concept - a game that you change as you play, before sending it to the next player.

It quickly became clear that I wasn’t going to finish this in the 48 hours (I was also learning a new web framework at the same time… maybe not the best idea), but still wanted to finish it. I decided to give the game another month to finish, and finished .