Refractive Indices

A podcast about how I make and think

Currently in alpha

Like so many others in this post-covid world, I’ve decided to make a podcast. It’ll have 10-15 minute episodes about either:

I’ve made three ‘alpha’ podcasts, to try out the sorts of things I could talk about and to get some feedback before I go and make a feed, find a theme tune and so on. I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to listen to them and send me your feedback.

A01 - Naming

Where I talk about the process of naming things, how I'm approaching naming my brand, and why this podcast has this name. All while constantly getting the name of the podcast wrong.

A02 - Goals of The Odysseys

Where I talk about the card game I'm making about The Odyssey, what the game is actually about, and how I'm tackling a problem that the game currently faces with its goals.

A03 - About the Money

Where I discuss an incentive-driven approach to choosing a monetisation strategy, which aims to help make sure you don't end up making something that you don't want to.