Completely Accurate Human Thought Simulator

A game that teaches players to program a Quantum Computer, by having them tell stories about the inner lives of others.

Video Game
Quantum Computing
Web, iOS, Standalone
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Yuval Sanders
Developed with assistance from
Daniel Keogh

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Completely Accurate Thought Simulator is an attempt to help people understand what a quantum computer is and how it differs from a regular computer.

To do this, it allows its users to play with a quantum circuit, utilising the actual operations and standards utilised by academics in the field.

To connect the world of quantum computing with something more immediately accessible, each bit represents a person’s opinion of a concept or another person. Players will then construct narratives (circuits) which change the character’s mind (quantum state) in order to create an intended result.

How the project has evolved
An exploration of dating stories as a metaphor for quantum circuits
An early experiment using beer-drinking as a quantum computing metaphor
From when we were using beer sales as a metaphor