A concept for quantum-powered Instagram stories

Speculative Artwork
Made in
September 2019
Made for

Qiskit Camp Europe 2019

Made with

Libby Heaney

Jessii Mai

Oday Darwich

Ana Fernandez

Unity, Python (Qiskit framework)

Github Repository

Qistigram was made as a part of Qiskit Camp Europe - a quantum computing hackathon in Switzerland.

I worked with a group of scientists and artists to answer the question: “What might Instagram look like, if it were powered by a quantum computer”?

Currently, Instagram stories let us show a side of ourselves using filters, hashtags, emoji and more. But human mental states are more like quantum states than classical ones, with hidden depths that we don’t want to expose.

What if future devices could read those states, and expose them through our stories?

Qistigram takes in a (hypothetical) quantum mental state, and uses a Phase Estimation algorithm to get at the underlying emotional state of its users.

Through this work, we sought to question how we feel about authenticity and whether it can be forced, and how comfortable we are with giving data about our inner selves to corporations.