Why I do these things

I write a blog over on Medium, much of which explores why I make what I make.

It’s probably complicated: Visualising the states of a quantum computer

A deep dive into how I've chosen how to visualise quantum states

QByte Devlog - Cycles and Cul-de-sacs

Getting lost in the quantum (but also the actual) desert

QByte Devlog - v0.1: The Simulator Lives!

How I got to v0.1 of QByte

QByte Devlog - Taking the Measure

Making quantum measurements work in the QByte engine

Edinburgh Reactions: Whist

A reaction to an interactive theatre piece I saw in Edinburgh

Government 2.0

A thought experiment about how existing political systems might be able to make deliberate fundamental changes.

Art or Heist? Designing Multi-Purpose spaces

A look at the design of the original Art Heist, which repurposed an active art exhibition into an interactive theatre piece.

Finding the right problems for Citizen Science

A look at the main types of citizen science project, and some steps you can take to identify good problems for a citizen science project.

Data that listens

Why we need more responsive data visualisations

On Truth in Science

How science treats concepts of truth, and how this causes massive problems for science communication

Starting Over

Musings about starting again after a long break