When I've done things

The Past

3P Learning
February 2017-May 2017 (continuing as a contractor)
Designer, Product Owner, Developer

3P Learning is an Australian education technology company, targeting school students across all age groups. During my time there, I’ve worked on IntoScience and Mathletics, designing, prototyping and developing games and interactive works.

SeeThrough Studios
March 2012-Present
Founder, Producer

SeeThrough Studios is an independent game development studio. Completed projects include Flatland: Fallen Angle, Unstoppabot and Particulars.

SeeThrough Studios now produces my works, and develops educational games and interactives for third parties.

The Future

Here’s a bit of a future timeline for my practice. It’s a combination of deadlines and goals, and I’ll flesh it out as things become clearer.