I make works about science, complexity and interactivity.

Projects in Development

Completely Accurate Human Thought Simulator

A game that teaches players to program a Quantum Computer, by having them tell stories about the inner lives of others.

Genetic Sequences

An exploration of the structures of genetic sequences

Released Projects

Numbeanies: Number Forest

An augmented reality app to help children learn numeracy using physical cards and adorable numbeanies

Art Heist

An interactive theatre experience where teams of four develop and execute a plan to steal a painting from an art gallery

The Neighbourhood

An artwork about stars and our place amongst them, generated from the 8912 stars visible from Earth with the naked eye

The Path

An artwork about life and the paths it ventured down, generated from the Open Tree of Life: a database of 2.3 million species and their genetic origins

The Laser Harp

An interactive artwork celebrating the International Year of Light


A minimalist meditation on the chaos of life, the universe and sub-atomic particle physics


A hybrid of an infinitely running bot and a puzzle game, complemented with sarcastic wit

Flatland: Fallen Angle

A neo-noir adventure set in a two-dimensional world